amalgamation . of . shit

Quick Commission for Gaia User Syra-Rose. 

Elapsed time, 2 Hours and 15 minutes. I really wish I could focus on more complex art so I could finish fuckin commissions, but this is as clean as I can apparently be right now. 

Darkness Beyond Twilight
Crimson Beyond the Blood that flows
Etcetera etcetera

This is pretty hideous and now that I look at it, I’m wondering why I would actually post this. But I said I was gonna doodle Lina, and I doodled Lina. Will I finish it? Who knows. Maybe 30 minutes of actual art time? 

The finished product of this. Based around a fic I’m working on. 

Redo of boyband dipshits. 11 months of difference. At least I can pretend to write a little better now PFT. 

Concept for Mars [companion to Venus]. Going more with the agriculture theme for why his hair’s so light and his skin’s darker. [That and I like drawing darker skin FITE ME]. Facial hair is younger, then older. 

Sketch, practice art of an RP thing with Rayna, Goddess Venus. She’s kinda a big bitch but we love her. 

Current Works in Progress. One almost finished Commission, one started commission, and one 1Hour plaything. I’m getting places with commission tho. So at least I am working. I wish I wasn’t taking so long but depression is punting me in the dick.