amalgamation . of . shit

Concept for Mars [companion to Venus]. Going more with the agriculture theme for why his hair’s so light and his skin’s darker. [That and I like drawing darker skin FITE ME]. Facial hair is younger, then older. 

Sketch, practice art of an RP thing with Rayna, Goddess Venus. She’s kinda a big bitch but we love her. 

Current Works in Progress. One almost finished Commission, one started commission, and one 1Hour plaything. I’m getting places with commission tho. So at least I am working. I wish I wasn’t taking so long but depression is punting me in the dick. 

Rooting through my folders and found this WIP. Forgot about it entirely. I wonder if I should finish it. 

Some more works in progress, redraw. Art progression since September of last year. The bottom sketch to lineart was about a month and a half between the sketch and the lineart, so it’s also being tinkered with. Regardless, I’ve improved from that little finished pic I’m redrawing. 

WIP work aw yeah. It looks weird without the background, but I’m practicing lineless painting on a single layer [because fuck layers] with faux lines added on top after. It’s not as hard as you’d think. 

Tonight’s doodle is Dr. Hwang from Saiyuki. This lady is lovely and I love her. 

I enjoyed drawing Saturn enough to give it another go. This time Neptune, but Uranus wanted in on it, so there you have it. Sorry for inaccuracies. No refs again oops. 

we’re not going to talk about the reason why this picture exists. As I do not care for unnecessary genderbending of characters, but this has an actual plot point excuse in RP form that I’m not sharing because that would take a while. 

So Enjoy short haired girl-Kou. Because I feel like girl Kou would have the sense to not have that gd mullet,

Forgive me for the weirdness of this, I haven’t drawn sailor saturn in so long that I probably shouldn’t have without at least a reference, so if something’s wrong, I’m sorry. I drew this listening to Archer while Becca was chillin wit me. It was gr8. 

Paper is this color and I didn’t edit it any at all.