amalgamation . of . shit

Gaia Adopt Auction, she belongs to Evelin333. 

She belong to Guffawed on GaiaOnline, Artwork and character now belong to her. 

I thought I would post this. Since they’re now about a decade apart LOL. Time changes everything. 

/barfs on syra-rose. this is what you waited for. 

Quick Commission for Gaia User Syra-Rose. 

Elapsed time, 2 Hours and 15 minutes. I really wish I could focus on more complex art so I could finish fuckin commissions, but this is as clean as I can apparently be right now. 

Darkness Beyond Twilight
Crimson Beyond the Blood that flows
Etcetera etcetera

This is pretty hideous and now that I look at it, I’m wondering why I would actually post this. But I said I was gonna doodle Lina, and I doodled Lina. Will I finish it? Who knows. Maybe 30 minutes of actual art time? 

The finished product of this. Based around a fic I’m working on.