amalgamation . of . shit


It is finished. After hours of work and magically learning how to muscles and clothes, I have finally profuced a finished SanKou piece. Rejoice. For you Becca. Idiots who only learn to like each other after they nearly kill each other several times. 

Commission for Lyricanna on DeviantART for Tanith from the fire emblem series.

Commissions for this sort of thing are open! Message me for details if interested. 

Tablet practice, getting used to the pressure, but damn this was a 20 minute doodle like, this tablet is my new bff. 


First pic with my new tablet. 



WIP of Kou pic I was working on ages ago. I’m kind of upset about a few things that I can’t do much about now. Though I may rework some things, but I got work on the jacket finally. I can’t use my tablet at the moment, so this is mouse work |D

I turned the first one into the second one in photoshop. I’m getting pretty good at this trick. 

Commission for illuminaaperturekid on deviantart. 



Chibi Genjo Sanzo, people. Look at his hair. Can you see why this took me forever and a week.  


The ten minute WIP next to the four hour finished. 

WHoops, not sorry 

AU Model!Kougaiji at your service

A therapist once told me to draw the most depressing thing I could think of because it seemed to help me vent, and so I started drawing red roses. I don’t feel a need to explain it, but it therapeutic and if you see me drawing one, then there’s probably a reason hidden under my enjoyment in making pretty things.